CD Spider (CD Foam Holder, CD Hub, CD Clips), Self Adhesive, Foam CD Dots

CD spider (CD Hub, DVD Spider, DVD Holder, CD/DVD Studs, cd mounting button, cd holder, cd clips, dvd clips) is used to attached CD and dvd’s to brochure and catalogue covers. Sticks itself. CD Hub’s 8 colour options: Black, white, grey, yellow, blue, red, orange and green.

If you need to attach your CDs to promotional material or mailouts, CD spiders (CD Studs, CD foam button, cd hub, cd holder, cd clip, dvd spider) are very useful. The spiders are vacuum formed plastic with adhesive backs. Once the paper liner is peeled off, they can stick onto just about anything.

Some CD spiders (dvd clips, cd hub’s, cd clips) are very much like the moulded spider found in the centre of the jewel case tray and others look like small buttons (as pictured above). Available in Black, white, grey, yellow, blue, red, orange and green. CD foam hubs are economical and effective. Thickness: standart 3.5 mm.

CD Foam hub (CD Studs, CD clips, cd hub) Dimensions;

50.000 pcs 1 pack W.45xL.85xH.45 cm
100.000 pcs 1 pack W.45xL.85xH.65 cm
500.000 pcs 5 pack W.45xL.85xH.65 cm
1.000.000 pcs 10 pack W.45xL.85xH.65 cm


CD Spider Foam button (CD Clips). Package of 1020.

Self adhesive CD Spider PVC Foam button. Package of 1050.

Foam cd spiders, black, white, gray and brown.

For pvc cd spider click here

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Everything went smoothly. The website is functional, the store is easy to use and the package arrived in a short time and in good conditions. The only thing that didn’t worked well was the tracking number: it didn’t exist in the database of the post office website. But that’s only a detail and didn’t affected the material.
I recomend this website as trusted.Dupladesign, PORTUGAL

The PVC CD spiders are fantastic. No problem with ordering and tracking the order online (First Turkish Post then my local Post). Delivery is on time (6 working days).

Mecom, Hong Kong 

I am really impressed with the CD buttons and now the plastic file sleeves look fantastic.  The website has also improved, nice and easy to navigate well done. Thanks.

Yvette, Cooper & Westwood Advertising, Australia

I received the products without any problems, including some free samples of others too. I got very pleased with their good quality and hope we’ll make other deals soon.
Everybody who sees the spiders cds ask where I bought them. It worths.Waleska, Brasil

Got the package on time, and some samples so i’ll know what to order next time, thanks 🙂

David,, Israel

There are several suppliers of similar products in Australia but NOT ONE of them can match the range, quality, availability and service that we have received from ASO. We will buy from no other supplier than ASO. Well done indeed.Peter Menhennitt, Conference Manager, FamilyLife, Australia

Very pleased with the products and service.

Olivier Fabre, Belgium

The samples arrived far quicker than I was expecting! They are so versatile and will be perfect for all sorts of projects. Thankyou!

J. Smith, United Kingdom 

Hello, I purchased the foam buttons from yourselves and the service was exceptional – every query I wanted answering was dealt with. The product is brilliant quality and I will be recommending it to other people. All the best.

James kent, United Kingdom 

Very good product (PVC transparent CD Spider), a little bit expensive…

Maria Fanis, Creative & Print Applications Ltd,

Easy to deal with. Fast and accurate delivery. Thumbs up!

Todor Kochovski Impress Ltd.

I was very pleased with your service and your product, really. I encourage you to continue and never stop your production lines, because they are cost effective and high quality.

Magued Adel, Egypt

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