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CD Spider Application Photos

CD holder products can be used in cd box, file, catalog, special boxes.

DVD Spider, (DVD Hub, DVD Button)

  DVD spiders (or ‘DVD fixers’, “DVD Hub”, “DVD foam button”) are the DVD or CD centres that attach your catalogue, broshure, book cover, special DVD cover. Self adhesive. Easy to us.  Cost is low. Self Adhesive Foam CD Spider Attached…

CD Spider Foam Button Photos

We have CD Spider foam button different color. For all types please contact.

CD Spider Plastic Button Photos

Photos of CD Spider, clear black and white. Plastic CD spider thickness only 2.9 mm.

Plastic CD Sleeve

Plastic sleeves-in terms of optical media-are a type of transparent packaging designed to protect compact discs (CDs) and Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs) when it comes to storage and transport. They are comprised of vinyl or poly plastic materials and are…

CD Spiders, CD spider, foam buttons, foam disc mounting button

CD SPIDER / PVC and Foam DISK BUTTON SHIPPING PRICE FOAM BUTTON CD Spider Quantity (PCS) Shipping Price (by Turkish Postal Service) Delivery 5-10 day 500-1000-2000 5-18 Euro 3.000 10-20 Euro 5.000 10-25 Euro 10.000 20-30 Euro 20.000 50-95 Euro…

Adhesive CD sleeves

Adhesive sleeves, also referred to as security sleeves, are a form of pliable packaging used to store and distribute optical media, specifically CDs and DVDs. They resemble a square envelope, accompanied with or without a fold-over flap and made with…

CD Clip

CD clips self adhesive, foam, pvc and plastic (injection molded) Self adhesive back CD Clip (cd holder, cd pin, cd clips) for the CD-fixing in briefcases, folders, packaging etc., contactless CD-holder with distance ring. 1020 pcs per pack.   Click to buy   Everything went…

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