Japanese natural drink brewing technique boosts testosterone after 45

The dominant place in the “home stimulant” is occupied by the usual thyme.

Many people know that over the years male potency fades. And the reason for this is not only age, but also the way of life in general.

To prevent the earlier withering of sexual force, you can use both pharmacy drugs – for example, Cialis from our online pharmacy, and resort to home medicine. But, still, the second option doctors approve most of all, justifying on the naturalness of the ingredients.

For example, the usual drink of thyme leaves is popularly referred to as “love tea.” This name it has been since ancient Japan, where to increase male testosterone used a special technique of brewing, allowing to maintain active reproductive function after 45 years.

In fact, the leaves of this semi-shrub are filled with certain vitamins and minerals necessary for the male sexual system. For example, a record amount of selenium awakens the main hormone to active action – increased sexual desire to the opposite sex.

Vitamin B and C in a duet of potassium and iron improve blood flow in the small pelvis, which gives a good perspective on a persistent erection and long-term intercourse, which is especially important for men of age.

In addition, calcium and copper restore sperm activity, improving the quality of seminal fluid. This point should be given special attention to those men who are actively preparing for the continuation of the family.

The brewing technique is simple: dry tea leaves are filled with boiling water, after which mint and cinnamon are added to them. For a brighter flavor, the cocktail can be mixed with a spoonful of honey and a slice of lemon. You should consult your doctor before applying.